The Rise of Mobile Gaming

Speculation from the IDC and App Annie corporations suggest that the mobile gaming industry will generate revenue of around $12 billion this year. It is very clear the mobile gaming industry is on the rise.

For many game producers, mobile gaming is the future. Such is the case with the gaming industry giant EA. In an interview, EA head Peter Moore stated that EA’s biggest focus is on next-gen consoles. He also stated Android and iOS mobile platforms are right behind standard video gaming based on Windows and Mac OS computer systems. The exact same situation is happening in Ubisoft’s offices. Ubisoft’s head Alain Corre isn’t concerned about the rise in mobile gaming. On the contrary, Alain Corre stated he welcomes the up-tick in mobile gamers. He also likes how mobile gaming is bringing a lot of new people to games.

The popularity of Smartphones is growing each day. It is already replacing other many other devices for a variety of functions. For example, many consumers worldwide are using Smartphones as a replacement of a standard alarm clock or watch. This is a very interesting development, as it shows that many consumers are interested in using their Smartphone in an increasing number of ways, such as a way to connect, brows the internet, and play games.

On the other hand, Sony is taking a special stand towards mobile games. Sony views the appeal of mobile games as something like a snack – it doesn’t take very long to eat it, and it does not feel like a full meal. Basically, Sony views an average mobile game as a snack – it is something everyone wants but it is not completely satisfying.

But why are mobile games making such headway against standard video games? There are several reasons why mobile gaming platforms are so rapidly progressing. Mobile technology progressed a lot in the last decade. Just a few years back Motorola Razrs was the number one phone to have. Currently, the iPhone and Android based phones are worlds ahead of any other mobile platform. What will happen in the future is unknown, but it’s very obvious one of the most steadily progressing features of a modern mobile phone is the graphics card installed. Below are discussed some reasons why mobile gaming platforms are growing.

One important reason is that you can play games anywhere. As today’s smart phones allow you to connect to WiFi networks, challenging your friends to try out a new game can be done almost anywhere, such as in a café or on a beach. In addition, many games once downloaded will not ask you to connect to the Internet again, therefore hours of fun are guaranteed regardless of available networks.

Another great reason is a gamer doesn’t need to be in front of his desktop to enjoy interacting with fellow gamers. According to some surveys, 61% people play some kind of mobile game online. For example, there are many online games available that connect people and allow them to play together, such as MMORPG and FPS based games.

More than ever, the mobile gaming ecosystem is evolving in complexity as more consumers are desiring more sophisticated games that are almost of console quality. In the last few years, many mobile phone manufacturers upgraded their devices with higher screen resolutions, fast processing speeds and more powerful hardware. It is very clear there is a tremendous opportunity in mobile devices for the gaming industry to exploit, for the benefit of mobile gaming fans worldwide.